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Features we are proud of

Owlee prepares everything: ad copy, banners and audience targeting options for you to choose from in the Campaign Preview.
After your confirmation, Owlee launches 7-day ads across channels automatically and reports on ad performance in a user-friendly interface.
Our proprietary Owlee Eye consists of just a few lines of JavaScript code that can be easily added to your website.
Using Owlee Eye, we're able to better understand your user behavior and track ad performance. Fully GDPR compliant, even after the most recent iOS 14 update.
In-house experts keep their eyes on your ads during the whole cycle and check creatives, settings, check that everything is performing as it should.
Also, our customer support will be happy to assist you via chat.
For clients with no data or insufficient data, we offer Performance Campaigns, which collect data to feed the forecasting algorithm. Once enough data is collected, Owlee can start guaranteeing sales.
We want all of our clients to one day be part of the Guaranteed Sales tier where we refund you in the unlikely event of failing to fulfill the sales promise.

Owlee explained

Who are we helping increase sales?

Small and medium business
We run campaigns for all kinds of businesses, for all niches, for beginners and experienced businesses. The main requirement is having a website.
Independent agencies
Become our partner and provide your clients with guaranteed sales. Use Owlee Eye to accurately track results in a user-friendly interface and never worry about costs again.

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How can Owlee help you?

Bring you sales
Thanks to AI-driven automation you can run great ad campaigns, even when you don’t have marketing specialists on your team.
Continuously improve on your ads
Ongoing data collection & analysis using machine learning, quickly improve each campaign with historical and market data.

How do I get guaranteed sales?

You have a 2-3 month ad history
Great! Share access to your ad platforms with Owlee. Our AI checks whether you are eligible for the Guaranteed Sales tier.
You don’t have sufficient data
No worries! Spend 4+ weeks with Owlee’s Performance Campaign to increase ad efficiency and then move to the Guaranteed Sales tier when eligible.

How to launch your first ad with Owlee?

Just 15 minutes & 7 easy steps to get results

Step 1

Sign up and tell us about your business

Answer a few simple questions so that we can learn more about your business and the offer you want to promote.

Get started
Step 2

Share data access

Easily grant access to your ad platforms accounts and analytics system with a couple of clicks to get your sales forecast and launch the campaign with your own branding.

Step 3

Have a brief call with Owlee’s in-house marketer

Our expert collects your preferences and helps you set up analytics systems where needed.

Step 4

Confirm Campaign and Budget

All assets and forecasts are ready for your approval! Top up the budget and the campaign will be launched within 2 business days.

Step 5

Track your campaign

See top-level results in or get reports straight into your inbox. Our campaigns usually last 7 days and we need up to 20 days after the campaign ends to find every conversion.

Step 6

Receive the final report

This includes suggestions for your next campaign so that you can easily continue generating sales.


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Free 7-day Trial

You must spend min £150 on ads with us during this time


Owlee fee


sign-up bonus

tick Ad creation, targeting & optimisation

tick Owlee Eye for better ad tracking

tick Established ad accounts for better performance

tick 1:1 Owlee consultation

After 7-day trial

Business Pro

Minimum ad spend £300 per week


of your ad spend - that's our fee

green tick Everything from the Free Trial

green tick Account manager

green tick Regular 1:1 meetings

green tick Money back promise if you are eligible


My business was looking for a very specific clientele, since we are a coworking space for expats in a small town of Montenegro. Owlee started building our audience and quickly helped us get new and returning customers, which is exactly what we wanted. Their platform is very easy to use and the support team is very helpful. Visuals they made for my campaign were also very creative which helped attracting clients.
Rebecca Leppard
Rebecca Leppard
Upgrading women
Owlee is a great platform to work with. They have been flexible in negotiating deadlines and are eager to jump on my team's challenges.
Hector Vidal
Hector Vidal
We’ve just started and it’s super important to have great impulse in the beginning! I tried launch campaigns by myself in the very beginning but it consumed too much time and results were not great. Then I found Owlee! The service took all headache from me and delivers me new customers "on autopilot"!

All your questions answered

Owlee is proud to be a part of Digital Horizon VC portfolio!

Digital Horizon is an international investment company that combines a venture fund and a venture builder.
Offices in London, Dubai, Tel Aviv. $300m assets under management.
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